Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bush Can’t Stop Ruining Things

George W. Bush, who became almost invisible in the run up to the election, has reemerged in an effort to insure that any future President will have to work damned hard to push him from the pedestal of “Worst President in History”. Bush’s philosophy has always been; what’s good for Exxon’s CEO is good for America, but I don’t understand why he thinks every piece of open land, every tree, and every wild animal is bad for Exxon’s CEO. His departure from the White House may be like the Russians retreating before Napoleon; leaving nothing but scorched earth all the way back to Texas.
House Democrats are currently trying to find way to prevent Bush from relaxing rules protecting endangered species so their habitats can be destroyed by development. He’s also trying to reduce the distance that big polluting industries can be built from National Parks, and change the way air quality is measured to disregard spikes in poor air quality. Maybe his next move will be to make the Grand Canyon into a toxic waste dump. He may as well since the pollution will be so bad that nothing can be seen anyway.
I don’t know if Bush is just trying to be decisive, but only capable of making wrong decisions or if he’s trying to leave a legacy comparable to the asteroid that ended the Cretaceous Period, but the results are about the same. I was looking forward to Obama as President; I just hope we’re alive to see it.

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