Friday, August 7, 2009

My T Shirt

Some people at CreoZerg said they liked the design on the shirt I was wearing so I decided to post it for the whole world to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, ooh, I respect Superposition. Is this shirt available for regular old people somewhere or is it handcrafted?

The Empirical Infidel said...

My shirt was a one-off. Actually I made it the night before, But I have a few design ideas that I might start marketing if folks seem interested.

Appalachian Woman said...

Love the Shirt! Love the Shirt!

How cool you got to go with PZ to the museum - we heard him speak here in Ohio, at the Humanitarian Banquet on Valentine's Day. Our first married Valentine's and we go to hear a biologist - it was so much fun, and he explains DNA in a way I never understood before.

Nice to know some free thinkers migrated here to Ohio, need more!