Friday, August 21, 2009

Pass the Gate-Crasher Ministries

It sure can be interesting living in my county sometimes. A private fund-raiser for US Congressman Zack Space was held last night in Gambier, OH. The event was by invitation only. David Daubenmire of Pass the Salt Ministries was not invited but felt he needed to talk to Rep. Space so he acquired a copy of the invitation email and reproduced part of it with the RSVP phone no. then emailed it to Pass the Salt members suggesting they call the number and identify themselves as invited guests to get into the party. When the hosts found out about Daubenmire's email, they were forced to start screening RSVP calls and hire security.

David Daubenmire first came into the public eye when he was a coach at London (OH) High School where he refused to quit leading Xian prayers at practice and games. After being fired, he started Pass the Salt Ministries and Minutemen United. The ministries preach ultraconservative fundamentalism and insistence that the US is an exclusively Xian nation. Minutemen United is a group that protests, disrupts and tries to intimidate political groups and churches that express tolerance for gays, reproductive choice or the presence of other religious beliefs.

Daubenmire was also a highly visible supporter of John Freshwater and may have originated the bogus claim that Freshwater was only being fired for having a bible on his desk. He tried to get the board of education members removed who favored Freshwater's dismissal.

Zack Space, no doubt, is aware of the ideology of the Salty-Minutemen and also aware that they are media whores who seek out opportunities to get TV face-time where they can spew their narrow-minded, intolerant hatred. According to an article in the Mount Vernon News, the Salt Passers started showing up about 1/2 hr. after the fund-raiser started but were kept from approaching the home. Jeff Cline, speaking on behalf of the group, said they had a message that they needed to give to Rep. Space and then began to outline that message to the reporter.
It included lots of gems of enlightened wisdom like; “God is in control of this nation, not man. But our politicians seem to think they can do whatever they please. We believe that we, as Christians in this country, have to stand for what’s moral and what’s right. It’s pretty basic and pretty simple. [The hate crime bill] is they are going to legislate thought and speech on what we can say and what we can’t say. Jesus Christ should be the standard in this country, not Allah, not Buddha, not man. We firmly believe that God is bringing down a curse on this nation. We have turned our back on God in this country."

After the meeting, Zack Space offered to meet with two of the Salties without the media present. Not surprisingly, that offer was declined since that wouldn't allow them to tell the general public that the salty-minutemen are the most Xian, most patriotic, most knowledgeable about the best direction for the nation, most perfect interpreters of the desires of Jesus, and anyone who disagrees is a god-hating, America-hating, fag-loving, baby-killing, nation-destroyer who has no right to live in this country. What a fun group.


FSM_Ed said...

That was nicely written, thank you!

I posted the following at the Mount Vernon News,

Wow, “Pass the Crap Cockroach Dave” manages to slink out from under his rock in the cornfield to manufacture another controversy. Of course he’s outraged that his publicity stunt wasn’t tolerated. He’ll be whining about it for weeks on his “radio” show. Maybe he just wanted to rally supporters to get his son’s conviction of child pornography charges overturned. The only people more dumb than “Cockroach Dave” are the people who listen to him without laughing.

The Empirical Infidel said...

FMS_Ed: Thanks for the comment and the link. The other posts on "Taking it to the Streets" show the range of opinions around here pretty well. May He touch you with his noodly appendage.

Anonymous said...

Following Daubenmire's FNC appearance this morning, I notice both his websites are down. I hope the Salters enjoy their mass subscriptions to "alternative lifestyle" magazines.

Blue team, GO!!11!!!1!

Anonymous said...

You homosexuals are disgusting, and the lies you just wrote on these blogs is indicative of your type--May God have mercy on your souls, and may you see the Light of Christ before it is too late./ AMS